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Black Widow is for the established customer who knows when "off the shelf" just won't cut it. Our trucks are recognized by an intimidating stance, customized comfort, and iconic and agressive styling.

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Rocky Ridge is a reliable, durable, and capable off-road vehicle that takes you where you want to go. We know the call of adventure is loud, so we have provided a vehicle that is built for serious fun both on and off the beaten path.

Get Out, Get Dirty, Go Play

Shelby American performance vehicles continually push the limits of luxury and speed. FOX Factory PVDs track record of excellence in craftsmanship lead to the partnership with Shelby American.

Live Fast, Drive Faster

Harley Davidson trucks are luxurious, timeless and iconic. From bumper to bumper, each Harley-Davidson is packed with exclusive features that will allow this truck to stay true to its American V-Twin roots.

Ready to Drive an American Legend?

Black Ops delivers the utility in a sleek and covert package. Whether at work, on the trail, or daily driving. Black Ops is durable and flexible with endless opportunities to further customize this top-class platform.

Your Next Mission Awaits

Badlander trucks include bold and stout bodylines making them recognizable. Badlanders are ready to conquer off-road terrain in rugged luxury.

Explore the Unbeaten Path

FTX, a timeless vehicle crafted for luxury, effortlessly handles any terrain and work demands. Its exceptional performance provides a distinct driving experience.

Chase ultimate luxury

The King of the Hammers Edition Bronco combines off-road performance and on-road comfort. Designed for drivers seeking adventure and refinement, it takes inspiration from the 4600-class Broncos raced at the King of The Hammers event.

Adventure Starts Here

The FOX Factory 2024 Chevrolet Silverado is a limited edition half-ton truck inspired by Baja-race design. It offers ultimate power and performance on and off-road, redefining what's possible with its unparalleled capability and unmatched performance.

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