Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are FOX Factory PVD built vehicles brand new?
    Yes, all FOX Factory PVD built vehicles are new vehicles, most of them coming to us direct from their respective assembly lines. New vehicle dealers can also choose to send one of their new vehicles to us for modifications as well.
  2. Will you modify my used vehicle to FOX Factory PVD specifications?
    Unfortunately, no. We only use our proprietary parts on dealer new vehicles. Any build program through FOX Factory PVD must go through your new OEM dealer of choice.
  3. Do FOX Factory PVD modifications void my factory warranty?
    No. We work hand-in-hand with each manufacturer to ensure that all parts fitted as part of a FOX Factory PVD package meet and exceed OEM requirements.
  4. Do FOX Factory PVD parts and accessories carry their own warranty?
    Absolutely! All parts built, installed and serviced by us are covered under a 3 year/36,000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty, with a fully staffed warranty department so that you can speak with a real, live, automotive enthusiast if you are ever in need of assistance.
  5. Isn’t it cheaper to simply build a truck myself? What are the advantages of buying a FOX Factory PVD built vehicle?
    At FOX Factory PVD, we don’t do cheap. We do correct. Each vehicle is painstakingly designed by our world class design engineers. Each part of our builds are certified and OEM approved. All sensors, gauges and cameras are recalibrated to ensure you of years of trouble-free service. Also, buying one of our vehicles eliminates any down time or part availability issues. All of our vehicles can also be serviced by ANY OEM dealer as well. To top it all off, we simply have parts and details that you can’t get anywhere else, for a truly custom experience.
  6. I am looking for a completely one-of-a-kind build. Can I fully custom build a vehicle?
    We offer many vehicle packages from mild to wild. We do offer many options with several of our packages and can custom tailor certain requests. Please see your local FOX Factory PVD dealer for a full range of custom options. 
  7. How can I find my local FOX Factory PVD dealer?
    Go to our vehicle locator website, and easily browse our nationwide inventory of trucks.
  8. I see several other brands of new, upfitted vehicles in this market. What sets FOX Factory apart from the rest of the field?
    FOX Factory PVD is a sector of a larger group of FOX Factory owned companies. Because of this, we have the ability to construct proprietary parts from several of our sister companies, all while leaning on decades worth of experience throughout our other teams. This gives us far better availability, experience, and industry power to make sure you are driving the absolute pinnacle of upfitted performance.
  9. FOX Factory PVD consists of several different companies. What makes their vehicles different from each other, company to company?
    While FOX Factory is currently a group of several “original” companies, we all function as one group. What used to be different brands of vehicles are now different packages. We cater each package to a specific customer, so that we can offer the same toughness and reliability on each build while catering to each individual’s tastes. Many of our different builds now share similar assembly lines at different factories across the United States, further ensuring that each vehicle we build is just as rugged and beautiful as the next.
  10. I have an older upfitted vehicle, built before the FOX Factory PVD group was formed and I need replacement parts. Are those still available?
    In many cases they are. You can call the warranty department in the correct location, and they can source the parts based on your VIN number. If the part is unavailable, our highly skilled warranty team members can point you in the right direction for a suitable replacement part. 

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