Frequently Asked Questions

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FOX Factory PVD FAQs

1. Is every FOX Factory PVD lifted truck brand new?
Yes, all FOX Factory PVD lifted trucks are new vehicles, most of them coming to us direct from their respective assembly lines. New vehicle dealers can also choose to send one of their new vehicles to an upfitter for modifications as well.
2. Are all your parts proprietary?
No. Most of the parts used in FOX Factory PVD packages are either made in-house at our facilities or are built for us by approved vendors. However, on some of our builds, we will source a small number of parts from well known, quality vendors to perfect each of our builds.
3. Can I purchase FOX Factory PVD parts separately?
We only sell our parts as replacement parts for past builds. A registered VIN number is needed to purchase those parts through our warranty department. If you don’t currently own a FOX Factory PVD lifted truck, we do not sell our parts separately.
4. Can I mix and match parts from different brands of packages?
No. Each of our packages are carefully designed and planned to work together. Each of them adheres to our strict brand guidelines to ensure that quality, consistency, function and flow are all at world-class levels for each build
5. Will you modify my used vehicle to FOX Factory PVD specifications?
Unfortunately, no. We only use our proprietary parts on dealer new vehicles. Any FOX Factory PVD build must go through your new OEM dealer of choice.
6. Do FOX Factory PVD modifications void my factory warranty?
No. We honor and uphold the factory warranty of every Fox Factory PVD truck.
7. Do FOX Factory PVD parts and accessories carry their own warranty?
Absolutely! All parts built and installed by us are covered under a 3 year/36,000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty, with a fully staffed warranty department so that you can speak with a real, live, automotive enthusiast if you are ever in need of assistance. What’s even better? If your vehicle ever requires service, you can take it directly to your local dealership for a hassle-free experience.
8. What special care is needed for your custom matte painted vehicles?
Our custom painted vehicles that feature matte paint do require special care. We list specific care instructions for matte paint on the owner’s section of the brand’s website under “warranty manuals” but the basics are, only use automotive care products specifically designed for matte paint and DO NOT use any form of ceramic coating on matte paint, as it will change the surface finish.
9. Isn’t it cheaper to simply build a truck myself? What are the advantages of buying a FOX Factory PVD built vehicle?
Someone who is a very capable mechanic could get close to replicating our trucks and maybe save a little money, yes. However, here is a short list why our trucks are a huge advantage for our owners:
  • Each vehicle is painstakingly designed with custom, proprietary parts for not only perfect fit and finish, but a custom look that you can’t replicate anywhere else.
  • Each vehicle is built to full Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard compliance.
  • Our vehicles maintain the factory warranty.
  • Our package costs can be rolled into your retail lender financing.
  • Your vehicle can be repaired at any OEM dealer, nation wide.
  • No vehicle downtime. Drive your vehicle off the lot and enjoy the ride! No waiting on parts, service, or anything else. Time is money!
10. I am looking for a completely one-of-a-kind build. Can I fully custom build a vehicle?
We do offer many options for our packages that can deliver the truly unique vehicle you’re looking for. Please see your local FOX Factory PVD dealer for a full range of custom options.
11. Can I purchase through your company directly?
No. FOX Factory PVD lifted trucks are only available through our extensive dealer network.
12. Do you offer financing?
No. All financing for our vehicles is handled directly through your dealership of choice.
13. Can I go through any dealer to order a package?
We have partnered dealerships across the US that are familiar with our products and sell our trucks. If you have a dealership who is not partnered but you would prefer to use, tell them to contact us. We have a very simple partner dealer program, and we are always looking for new opportunities.
14. How can I find my local FOX Factory PVD dealer?
You can use this site to easily browse our nationwide inventory of trucks. Just go to our homepage and start shopping today!
15. How Long does it take to customize a truck?
Right now, we all know logistics are tough. Our timeline can change depending on demand, but our normal turnaround time is 6-8 weeks once we receive the stock truck.
16. What is the standard price of a package?
We have many different packages available, and most of those packages have options that can be added on as well. For pricing details, please see your local FOX Factory PVD lifted truck dealer.
17. What happens to the factory parts after the upfit?
We factor in a credit to the package price of each vehicle for the stock parts that were removed for each build, which saves you money on the overall package. All factory parts that are removed are sold to qualified vendors who are contracted to remove the parts from our facilities.
18. Does the suspension system affect the towing capacity?
No, it does not.
19. When are the new year models being released?
We release new models at different times. You can visit our websites as well as our social media for the most recent updates and releases.
20. Can I add upgrades to my package after purchase?
Yes, you would need to contact our warranty/parts department and they can assist you with what we have available as well as pricing for those items.
21. I have an older upfitted vehicle and I need replacement parts. Are those still available?
In many cases they are. You can call the warranty department in the correct location, and they can source the parts based on your VIN number. If the part is unavailable, our highly skilled warranty team members can point you in the right direction for a suitable replacement part.